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Increase YOUR Profits

1. Referrals.  Getting referrals costs you nothing and often attracts better customers who feel they already know you. If you explain to your existing customers that you have built your business on referrals and you would  appreciate it if they could recommend your services to people they know you might be surprised just how many of them will be willing to spread the word.

2. Lead Generation Advertising.  Have you ever advertised in the yellow pages or local paper and wondered why you weren’t getting any customers. It maybe because you adverts are just like everybody else’s and does not give the reader a compelling reason to pick up the phone or visit your website. Try offering something free like a survey, or a free report with information that is relevant to your business. This will be one way of getting interested customers to give you their details. Try some of these words in your advertising:- NEW, FREE, 7 TOP TIPS, SPECIAL OFFER ENDS, FREE SURVEY.

3. Online Marketing  These days you definitely need a website and if you haven’t got one yet, you should at least get onto online business directories. One of the largest free business directories which will help you get onto the first page on Google is  Another free directory is  If you do have a website one of the best ways of getting towards the top of the search engines for free is to get as many ‘incoming only’ links to your websites as possible. These links could come from your customers, suppliers, business directories and you could write articles relevant to your business and get them published on other sites relevant to your business, if you include a link to your website at the bottom of the article this will be another valuable link back to your site.

4. Google Adwords (Pay Per Click Advertising)   This is one of the best forms of advertising your business as you only pay when someone who is interested in your services actually clicks on your ad. As a comparison it is like advertising in the local paper and only paying for your advert when someone actually phones you. You can decide how much to pay per click and even decide on a daily budget. You get full control over your Keywords and all aspects of your advertising campaign. You will be amazed at just how many people actually search for what you are selling. In a recent 7 day period we have had over 3000 people searching for our keywords relating to Car Signs and Magnetic Signs. Click here for more info >

5. Shows, Displays & Exhibitions  Your audience at these events are not there by accident. Your primary aim has got to be to get their details in exchange for offering them something free (Report, Advice, Survey etc) Selling at these events doesn’t usually work, just get some details but remember, the follow is the key.

6. PR – You are an Expert  You know more about your products and services than most other people so why not educate people and advertise yourself at the same time. Local papers and local BBC radio absolutely love people who are experts in different areas and will be willing to publish or feature you and your business. Give it a try, you will be surprised at how much free publicity is out there.

7. Your Goldmine – Your existing Customers   Don’t neglect your existing customers and don’t expect them to call you every time they need something you offer. Keep reminding them you are there by email, phone, direct mail etc. Also, could you be selling them something else relating to your existing business. Ask your existing customers the following  question, you may be very surprised at the answer –  Ask this question “is there anything that I am not currently offering you that you would like me to be offering you” After a long silence you will get some very interesting answers.

Good luck & happy marketing.

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